Portrait Of Maria Loretha for 'We Feed the World'

Portrait of Maria Loretha or 'Mama Sorghum'. From a return visit to Likotuden village in East Flores in May. Shot for we feed the world. Since 2007 Maria has championed sorghum + reintroduced it to farming communities in East Flores, after decades of government policies supporting mass rice planting + cultural shaming of people who ate sorghum. The soil in the village of East Nusa Tenggara is too poor to grow vegetables + the rice crop often fails. But drought resistant sorghum thrives in these arid conditions and thanks to Maria's initiative has now been returned as the primary daily staple. For this project I shot with my 4x5 camera + hasselblad.

Yogyakarta portrait

Last week I was in Yogyakarta on a commercial shoot. After the shoot I tried to get some new images of Mount Merapi for my volcanoes project. Sadly despite the weather the volcano was either covered in clouds or blocked by fog. To make up for this I spent a fun morning at the south alun-alun where I shot this portrait of a vendor selling balloons and kids toys with my 6x7. Processing + scan by artisanfilmlab in Jakarta.

Volcanoes personal project - krakatau

I just returned from an interesting 2 days shooting Krakatau volcano. The volcano has been highly active since the end of June. I continue on a long term personal project documenting Indonesia's volcanoes, shooting with my 4x5 + 6x9 cameras.